Research Associate

Q. Jane Zhao is the Research Associate for Project ECHO, a health professions telemedicine education program, working at University Health Network in Toronto. They have been working for ECHO at UHN since 2014 and bring extensive knowledge and expertise around ECHO implementation and evaluation.They are currently working between four ECHO programs: chronic pain and opioid stewardship, liver, rheumatology, and concussion.

They are also a second-year Health Services Research PhD student at the University of Toronto, supervised by Dr. Andrew Pinto. Forever compelled by the nuance of story, their work lies at the intersection of primary care, health policy, and qualitative research. They are an inaugural Connaught PhDs for Public Impact Fellow (2022-2023) and a former School of Cities Graduate Student fellow (2022). They graduated from the Master in Narrative Medicine program at Columbia University and studied neuroscience, history of medicine, and philosophy at McGill University. Their personal interests include Donna Haraway, climate action, and comics.