Simulation Educator

A Northern born-and-raised Registered Nurse, Holly is currently acting as Simulation Educator at Health Sciences North (HSN) Simulation Lab. Holly holds a Master of Science in Experimental Medicine in Bioethics from McGill University, and has completed the requirements for a Master of Education in Health Professions Education from the University of Ottawa. She has front line experience in mental health and community nursing. Holly has researched bioethics and simulation-based education, and has presented and published her findings at the national and international level. Her teaching experience includes nursing tutoring, teaching assistantships, and preceptor roles. Additionally, Holly serves as a member on the HSN Research Ethics Board and Organizational Ethics Committee. Holly is passionate about translational simulation and translational ethics and about seeing how quality improvement and educational initiatives affect our community and our patients. Through her research and innovations, Holly is committed to ensuring simulation is an accessible and safe learning medium for all, including the people the learning will impact.