Registered Nurse

Becky Shorrock is a Registered Nurse and scholar born and raised in Northwestern Ontario. She is currently completing her Master of Nursing with nurse practitioner specialization at Lakehead University. Becky is passionate about improving health among vulnerable populations. She is an advocate for harm reduction and provides consulting to community partners across the health sector to inform health-care delivery to populations that experience homelessness, addiction, and mental illness. She uses anthropological assessments to evaluate health status of individuals in tandem with her experience on the front-line to advocate for improvement to health systems, using a social justice lens to inform her practice.

As a clinician, Becky has in-depth experience in public health, community health, and correctional health services. She is passionate about finding innovative methods to deliver primary care to populations who have difficulty accessing Western-based, in-clinic, health services. Becky is employed at an Indigenous health access centre, where she integrates Two-Eyed seeing approaches into the delivery of holistic primary health care that is inclusive to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. She also holds casual employment at the Kenora jail and has gained expertise regarding the provision of care to people living in carceral settings, resulting in abroad understanding of the barriers associated with accessing healthcare in correctional centres.

Becky has a keen interest in the field of complementary and alternative medicines. She is seeking out research opportunities that include cannabis research and/or research in the field of psychedelic assisted therapies.