with the Dr. Gilles Arcand Centre for Health Equity

The Dr. Gilles Arcand Centre for Health Equity at NOSM University seeks energetic friends and affiliates who want to explore solutions and advocate for change to address local priority health and social needs. The Centre invites scientists, scholars, researchers, and practitioners to join our work towards socially accountable education and healthcare in the North.



Affiliates are invited to contribute to existing and future projects and connect regularly with the Dr. Gilles Arcand Centre for Health Equity. There is no specific time commitment that is required from members and all our activities are voluntary.

To facilitate a culture of research, advocacy, leadership and policy sharing, Affiliates are also invited to update the Centre’s communications staff on their research, advocacy, leadership, and system change outputs and plans so that these can be promoted on the Centre’s website and social media profiles (please email We hope that Affiliates will contribute their time and expertise to build training opportunities such as seminars, workshops, and symposiums for others in our research networks. Our goal is to unite people across disciplines to build understanding and awareness about social accountability and to collaboratively act to eliminate health and social inequities within our local communities. We aim to achieve meaningful systemic change towards social accountability by addressing health professionals education, healthcare service delivery, and the social determinants of health.


The Dr. Gilles Arcand Centre for Health Equity is a multidisciplinary leader in policy leadership and advocacy, research and innovation, and education in the North. In addition to the opportunity to form substantial connections with the scientific and scholarly community at the Centre, Research Affiliates are invited to participate in various communities of practice, engage in knowledge exchange, connect with stakeholder groups, and contribute to the Centre's vision and future. The Centre further provides opportunities to collaborate on grant applications and research projects while providing publicity for these projects on the Centre’s website, social media channels, and other research networks. Please see here for more details about booking a discovery meeting to discuss how we can help you further your research.


The Centre provides several types of affiliation:

  1. Friends of the Centre receive invitations and information about events and opportunities through our mailing list.
  1. Community Affiliates may be individuals, activists, advocates, agents of change, and/or social justice leaders, or organizational partnerships that are either project-based or ongoing.
  1. Research Affiliates (Five Streams)  
  1. NOSM University Faculty Any qualified NOSM University faculty member and stakeholder partner may apply for full membership.
  1. Academic Affiliates Any academic researcher employed by a private or public sector institution may apply for affiliate membership.
  1. Institutional Affiliates are formal partners with the Centre who contribute to and co-sponsor our projects.
  1. Graduate Fellow Affiliates Any trainee may apply for membership. Graduate Fellow Affiliate memberships are offered for a one-year, renewable term.
  1. Undergraduate Learner Affiliates Any undergraduate student may apply for membership. Undergraduate student memberships are offered for a one-year, renewable term.

Apply to become an Affiliate

Please click the link below to access the application form.

The Dr. Gilles Arcand Centre for Health Equity welcomes applications from scholars from a variety of fields whose work would mutually benefit the Centre. International applicants and members of traditionally under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to reach out to with initial questions and for initial informal discussion.  

Applications are open year-round and are vetted on a rolling basis.